Human creativity
for tailored innovations


Create unique concepts and solutions to generate value for our customers

Innovation Labo focus on bringing innovations to health and beauty markets. We transform human creativity and know-how into innovative solutions which will make the difference in the life of our customers.

Innovation Labo is managed since 2003 by Dr. Mizuho Nasu, who graduated from Keio University pharmacology department in biochemistry. After a successful experience on sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical field, Dr. Nasu joined Innovation Labo to give a global research dimension to the company.
Health Nutrition

Collaborative innovation
Innovation labo is linked with other research organizations around the world and synergize experts knowledge to create value in term of new solution development.

Customers are unique
Our customers are actively involved with our in house research team to tailor solutions that best fit their needs. Innovation Labo helps to point organization uniqueness and renew its culture of innovation.